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The word “webinar” belongs to a list of words we had rarely heard of before 2020. And now it’s one of the most used words on the internet. Among the queries, some ask what a webinar is and how it works. It’s fairly easy: it’s a neologism, a portmanteau of the words “web” and “seminar”. And just like a seminar, the webinar is closely related to education. Namely, they’re educational and informative sessions that everyone can attend remotely thanks to any device connected to the internet.

What can you exactly do through a webinar?

– Distance education

– Press conferences and junkets with journalists

– Conventions and interactive workshops

– Launches of new products
– Presentations of market analyses and research

– Institutional meetings

Its main features are:
– Interactivity, that allows attendees to discuss, chat, send and receive feedbacks live. Additionally, the physical distance between the event and the attendee lets them be more confident and active in their participation, as they’re otherwise easily overcome with emotion that prevents them from commenting.
– Cost control, as there’s no need to allocate a budget for locations, catering or business trips.

– The opportunity to intercept a wider audience that wouldn’t otherwise be able to attend the live event, since there are no limits to the attendance.

– A lighter organizational effort, if it’s handled well and with the right platform and team, with just one click the company will be speaking to an invested, curious audience.

It didn’t take long before this instrument for events became also an instrument for digital marketing, especially when it comes to lead generation, approaching prospect clients that can be easily converted. Given that they’re free, many people are able to take part to them, regardless of their level of commitment, and it’s the webinar’s tasks to bring them to find out more.

There are some things to bear in mind for an effective webinar.

Given the fact that we couldn’t organize live events, we set up a webinar with the Academy of Fine Arts of Florence. It stemmed from the need to tell the story of the institute for its open day. We decided on using the Zoom platform, and we set up and prepared everything remotely, including graphic additions and its recording and streaming on YouTube. Every instrument is effective only if the right technical skills are employed to use it.

Do you know what’s the first step to gain such skills?
It’s to know your instruments well. Each platform has its own set of rules and it’s important to get to know them and examine them, in order to figure out which one is the most suitable for us:
– Screen sharing 

– Number of participants 

– The costs  

– Chat box 

–Recording possibilities. 

We can now say with confidence that webinars may have not saved 2020, but they surely solved some pretty tricky situations, both for companies and institutions. And that applies to us as well, as we couldn’t go out, we took a chance to delve into old and new skills, some themes that had us intrigued, a world of professionals and experts we could access from our own homes. It’s not always about marketing and sales, sometimes knowledge is shared with the only goal of improving general knowledge. That’s what webinars taught us: there are many people that can give a little contribution to society, more than we could imagine. And people always want to learn something new, and there’s always something new to be learnt.


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