Privacy Policy – Kalispera S.r.l.

(Ex. Legislative Decree n. 101 dated 10 August 2018)

Pursuant to article 13 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 and to Legislative Decree n. 101 dated 10 August 2018, we provide information on the processing of personal data that might be shared by the users of the Kalispera S.r.l. services, beginning with its website,
The information presented here exclusively concerns the potential processing of your personal data, either provided directly by you or through the use of the website The processing of your personal data is based on principles of correctness, lawfulness, transparency, purpose and retention limits, data minimization, accuracy, integrity and confidentiality, as well as accountability, referred to in Article 5 of the Regulation.
Your personal data will be processed uniquely in accordance with the laws of Regulation and the duties of confidentiality provided for therein.

Data controller

The Data Controller is Kalispera S.r.l., with legal headquarters on Via Nuova per Pisa, n.364/D – 55100 Lucca (LU), P.IVA. 02500880469, e-mail: The Data Controller is Mr. Lorenzo Gigli.

Data subject

We inform users that, by using our website, Kalispera S.r.l. will process personal data such as first and last name, e-mail address, telephone number, etc.
Kalispera S.r.l. will also process an online tracking or one or more characteristic elements of their identity useful to identify the data subject (only personal data).
This website uses Cookies, small text files sent and recorded on users’ computers and mobile devices by the visited websites, which are then sent back to the same sites on a subsequent visit.
The Cookies used on this website are thoroughly described in the Cookie Policy.

Data processing methods and purposes 

The collected data are used to allow website navigation and update users on products, services, events, and activities by Kalispera Srl.
The users will be asked permission for the processing of their personal data, where needed.
The processing will be achieved by means of information and communication tools, compliant with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 regarding general data protection.

Data retention

The personal data hereby described will be kept in our database only for the time necessary to achieve the purposes listed above and until the end of service.
Data obtained through the voluntary act of filling the contact form will be kept in our database for two years and permanently deleted afterwards.

Types of personal data

In this Privacy Policy, to “process” Personal Data means to perform any operation on personal data, whether or not by automated means, such as collecting, recording, organizing, storing, adapting, using, disclosing, combining, erasing, or destroying.
Users’ personal identification data include first and last name, e-mail address, phone number and such, as described in the previous paragraph about data subject.
Additional data processed on this website are:
Browsing data: during their normal exercise, the information systems and the software procedures normally used for the websites collect some personal data communicated implicitly. This kind of information is not acquired for purposes directly linked to identifiable data subjects but could, by virtue of its very nature, be processed and aggregated with the data held by third parties, in such a way as to make user identification possible. The kind of data involved includes IP addresses, domain names of users connecting to the website and time of visits, method used to submit the request to the server, size of the obtained file requested and numerical code indicating the status of the request provided by the server (successful, error, etc.) and other parameters relating to the user’s operating system and IT environment. This data is used only to obtain anonymous statistical information on the use of internet, storing them in order to be transmitted to the same website at the next visit by the same user, and are deleted right after being processed. In case of any processing offence against our site, data might be used to determine liability.
Data provided voluntarily by the user: the optional, explicit, and voluntary provision of data through the web or email modules to the addresses listed on this website entails the subsequent acquisition of the user’s address (which is necessary to reply to requests), in addition to any other personal data shared in the letter.
Data provided by the user: by using some services of our website, personal data sent by the user to Kalispera S.r.l. might be processed by third parties. In this regard, the user fully indemnifies us against any complaint, claim, request for damages in consequence of the processing, etc. that Kalispera S.r.l. might receive from the owner of the e-mail address indicated by the user in violation of applicable personal data protection laws. In any case, if it provides or otherwise processes personal data of third parties in the use of the website, it guarantees from now – assuming all related responsibilities – that this particular processing hypothesis is based on an appropriate legal basis pursuant to art. 6 of the Regulation, which legitimizes the processing of the information in question.
Cookies: Cookies used on this website are described in detail within the Cookie Policy.

Legal base and provision of data

The legal base for the processing of personal data for the purposes described above is article 6, paragraph 1, clause a) of the Regulation (“[…] the data subject has given consent to the processing of his or her personal data for one or more specific purposes.”) duly requested when presenting the privacy policy.
Besides the aforementioned browsing data, the user can also provide their personal data to request services offered by Kalispera S.r.l. In case these data aren’t provided, said services might not be obtained.

Data transfer and communication to third parties

The processed data may be shared with third parties for website handling/maintenance purposes, or for the provision of web services, or with other institutions for legal, fiscal, and administrative obligations.
The processed data may be shared with subjects, institutions, or authorities, pursuant to legal provisions or instructions for supervision.
The Personal Data provided might be also transferred outside of the community space and stored in the computer systems of email hostings, websites and social platforms.

Rights of data subjects

Pursuant to articles 15 and following of GDPR, any data subject is granted the right to ask at any moment Kalispera S.r.l. access to their Personal Data, their correction or deletion, or to deny their processing; according to article 21 of the Regulation, data subjects are entitled to processing limitations where defined by article 18 of the Regulation, as well as to structured, easily readable by automatic devices and commonly used formats for their data, where defined by article 20 of the Regulation.
Requests must be sent via email to
Furthermore, pursuant to article 77 of the EU Regulation 2016/679, you are entitled to lodge a claim at the Data Protection Authority if you think the processing infringes the said Regulation.

Policy changes and updates
Kalispera S.r.l. can amend the policy hereby presented, while guaranteeing that our website will be promptly and duly updated.
We invite users to visit this section often to learn of any possible changes.