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Since the first edition of the event in 2015, we have been working with Associazione Musicale Lucchese on promotional videos for the Lucca Classica Music Festival.
A steady rapport with both the event internal team and the agency in charge of the visuals makes it possible for us to get inspiration and creative inputs, to generate ideas that feel always fresh and effective. This is an organic work that begins with an overview, in order to achieve cohesive, structured end results through time.
Pre-event trailers always have a big impact and help create anticipation to excite your audience. During the event, we record the daily highlights, which we edit together and share instantly as entries for a video diary; this way, viewers can keep in constant touch and repost these moments on their personal social media account.
Arianna Bottari
Arianna Bottari@ marketing manager Lucca Classica
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“I found willingness, ideas, cooperative spirit, professionalism. Working with Kalispéra allowed us to really give our communication plan an edge, using multiple channels. We got along right from the start, and this ultimately led to the success of several projects.”
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