Our company was born from four good friends that have always been very fond of moving pictures.

Firstly, we can provide our consultation, a creative, logistical and productive advice for your commercial or your video campaign.

Once your main objective is finally established, we can provide for your most different needs: be it traditional commercials, branded videos, web streaming or videos of events, we’re able to oversee each and every step of your project.

When it comes to new technologies, we are not one to back down. Over the last few years, we have tackled VR, augmented reality, and interactive videos, always boasting a wide range of unique solutions.

Additionally, whenever it is possible, we try to plan long-term campaigns that fully complement with our clients’ specific features, in order to optimize service, quality and costs.

Antonio Petta

Project manager

Federico Salvetti

Head of marketing

Lorenzo Gigli


Francesco Terranova

Technical manager